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Chancellor's Message

About AU

I am a staunch believer in values and importance of Indian cultural value systems and thought processes. The keystone of traditional Indian thinking has been respect for elders, respect for teachers, simplicity, honesty, concern and caring for the weak and the deprived, to believe in doing our karma and not to chase the fruits of our actions and acceptance of victory and defeat in the same way.
It is important that our students have proper value systems, are self confident, have high self esteem, have the appropriate knowledge, and are professionally competent so that they can become useful, creative and productive members of the society.
For any developing country skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development because countries with higher and better level of skills and knowledge adjust more effectively to the challenges and the opportunities of the world. Hence it is very important that the University focuses in providing skills to the student’s community in order to make them employable and help them secure ‘dignified and decent work’.
By skill development we look forward to strengthening the ability of individuals to adapt to changing market demands and help benefit innovation and entrepreneurial activities. Skilled human resource is essential for inclusive growth.
Therefore my vision is to modernize the University by introducing more recent and progressive courses and using the best technological advances and tools to make learning a productive yet pleasurable experience and to deliver skills services training based on factual needs of the students.
Arunodaya University becomes a world class university that is sought after by students not just from India but from different countries of the world.
I am sure you will enjoy your stay with Arunodaya family in days to come.
Wish you all the best.


Dr. Suman Virender Jain