Hostel Residents Rules


  Arunodaya University
     Hostel Residents Rules


  1. General Conduct:
  • Admissions into the hostels are subjected to the University The Hostels can’t be claimed as a matter of right. The preference will be given to first year students
  • The students are required to be personally present at the time of allotment of Room. No preference of rooms will be entertained. Rooms must be occupied immediately after the allotment is made.
  • Every Hosteller must acknowledge and strictly follow the Hostel Rule & Regulations. The deliberate/ ignorant violation of regulations will invite severe action from the authority including debarring from the use of hostel without refund of fee, imposing penal fee or taking appropriate legal action if deem necessary.
  • Hostellers must read the Hostel Notice Board regularly for important notices and The complaints regarding any notice/ circular previously displayed on Notice board will not been trained on the grounds of ignorance.
  • The Hostellers are not permitted to cook food, use electrical appliances, carry inflammable items inside the hostel including inside their
  • Hostellers are required to take care of their belongings by themselves or items issued to Hostellers are advised not to keep high cash, costly items, Jewelleries etc. inside the Hostel. The University management shall not be responsible for the loss of any belonging inside the premises.
  • The Hosteller’s can only leave hostel including on holidays with the prior permission of Hostel Warden and Guardian.
  • The Hostellers are liable to return the belongings of Hostel issued to them at the time of admission in good/ original condition to the Hostel Warden at the time of vacating the Damages made if any will be recovered from the Hosteller.
  • The Hostellers shall not damage hostel property, fittings, articles, items and property of other people inside the In case of violation penal fee equivalent to five times of the amount of damage article including disciplinary action will be taken against the candidate
  • In case of such events where the culprit is not identified then the authority reserves its right to impose common fine on all the         Hostellers.
  • The facilities like ironing of cloths are only permitted in designated area, if any (but not inside the room).The hostellers are not allowed to install/ pose Music System/ Speakers inside the rooms.
  • The Hostellers can use common rooms, recreation facilities, the newspapers, other allied literature and articles required for indoor games at designated timings The Hostellers are not allowed to carry articles meant for common use to their rooms. The timings to avail common facilities will be decided by the Hostel Warden. The belongings of Hostel including furniture cannot be shifted from one room to another without the permission of Hostel Warden.
  • The Hostellers are requested to not to paste posters, write graffiti, wall chalking, slogans of any kind or defacing the hostel in any form. Violating the norms may invite penal as well as disciplinary action.
  • The Hostel Warden/ Authorities/ Management are empowered to make spot checks on the Hostel Rooms, bags & baggage’s of the Hostellers to monitor and ensure strict compliance of hostel
  • Hostel Residents are required to carry their Hostel ID Cards issued during admission always in the compound of the hostel complex and produce it on demand by the Hostel Authorities/ Management/ Security
  • Hostel Residents are not permitted to change the designated room even on temporary basis without the permission of Warden.
  • The electric appliances such as iron, oven, kettle, stove, hot plates are strictly prohibited. If, found the hosteller will face disciplinary action in addition to confiscation of such article.
  • The Hostels maintained by Arunodaya University follows strict environmental concerns. The Hostellers are requested to consume minimum amount of water and
B.  Hostel Fee
  • Admission in the hostel will be made only on Payment of Hostel fee and on producing the receipt issued by the accounts section to warden/ hostel in-charge. No room will be allotted without the payment of Hostel fee.
  • Hostel fee once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Hostel will be allotted on annual basis.
  • Transport Fee is not included in the Hostel Fee and shall be charged separately. The students, who wish to avail the transport facility to travel to campus, can do so on chargeable basis.
C.  General Discipline:
  • Hostel Residents are expected to maintain proper discipline and decorum within and outside the
  • Shouting, violence, knocking, or any other act likely to cause disturbance or annoyance is strictly prohibited in hostel premises
  • Students should be courteous and polite in their
  • “RAGGING” is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action including rustication from Hostel/ University will be taken against the
  • All Students dress in appropriate manner. Adequate consideration should be given to local ethos.
  • Maltreating and abusing the Hostel employees and Mess-staff is strictly prohibited. In case of any complaint against them, the report should be made to the Hostel Warden and strict action will be taken against the defaulter
  • “SMOKING” is strictly prohibited in the
  • Possession, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages, prohibited drugs, narcotic substances, chewable tobacco and gambling in the Hostel are strictly prohibited.
  • Parties, Social gatherings in the Hostel Complex are not Any such event/gatherings can be organized only with the prior permission from the competent authority.
  • Television, Radio provided in the Common Room must be switched off by 10:00 pm.
  • Possession of any fire arms, lethal weapons, poisonous things or intoxicants of any kind in the Hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • Any Hostel Resident, who finds his / her room-mate missing for more than 5 hours, must report to the warden immediately to ensure safety of hostel
  • No boy students shall be permitted to enter the Girls’ Hostel premises and vice versa even for any academic purpose including group assignments at any time during the day/
  • Any Hostel due or penalty shall be paid to the Accounts Department of the University within the prescribed time Non-payment of dues shall cause debarring from Examinations and eviction from Hostel.
  • Entry register has to be filled in by the student’s whenever they leave the hostel and when upon their return.
  • The meals in the hostel mess/canteen will be only served at the designated
D.    Leave:
  • Leave sanctioned for absence from the University does not mean leave from the Prior approval of leave from the Hostel must be obtained from the Hostel Warden.
  • In case the Hostel Residents want to go out, they will have to take prior permission following due procedures from the Hostel Warden and enter the relevant information in the register kept in the Hostel
  • All Hostel Residents shall report to the Hostel before 6:00 p.m.
E.    Medical Emergency:
  • All applicants are required to disclose any kind of ailments or diseases or allergy at the time of admission with relevant medical papers.
  • In case of medical emergency, the students/roommates/wing mates shall contact Hostel Warden I Hostel Warden. Any Hostel Resident asked by the Hostel Management/Hostel Authority for help in cases of Medical emergency are duty bound to do so. In case of denial or refusal appropriate disciplinary action shall be initiated.
F.     Night Roll Call:
  • The night roll call will be taken at 00 p.m. daily. Every Hostel Resident must be present in his/her room for the roll-call.
  • The Student absent at time of roll call shall be subjected to penal action including rustication from hostel or monitory fine depending upon the nature & cause of The student indulged in this activity more than twice shall be subjected rustication from the hostel with a panel fee of 5000/-
G.   Visitors / Local Guardian / Guest:
  • Students will provide the Name, Phone numbers, Address and Photographs of the Local Guardian duly acknowledged by their parents at the time of admission whom they could meet during the Hostel specified
  • A Hostel Resident will not be allowed to go for night stay or attending any function in the late hours in their local guardians or relatives’ place unless prior approval is taken from the Hostel Warden along with parental
  • Only those persons are allowed  to meet the Hostel Residents whose photographs are referred and signed by the
H.    Violation of Rules:
  • Violation of General Conduct Rules and general disciplinary rules will cause disciplinary action as applicable from time to
  • Any damage to the Hostel properties, fittings, articles and items not attributable to any particular Resident shall be recoverable from a group of Residents or all Residents depending upon the circumstances and evidences at the discretion of the Competent
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