Ph. D. Guidelines

Ph.D. Guidelines


Arunodaya University offers Research programme in different subjects & in inter- disciplinary areas leading to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. A candidate shall ordinarily work in a recognized place of research including the University Departments and Research Institutes recognized by the University under the supervision of a Research faculty supervisor of the University. The rules regarding eligibility, registration, supervision, submission and evaluation of thesis, viva voce and defence of thesis shall be as follows:


Subject to the conditions stipulated in these Regulations, the following persons are eligible to seek admission to the Ph.D. programme:
1)  Master’s Degree holders satisfying the criteria stipulated under Clause 2 above.
2) Candidates who have cleared the M.Phil. course work with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade ‘B’ in the UGC 7-point scale (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) and successfully completing the M.Phil. Degree shall be eligible to proceed to do research work leading to the Ph. D. Degree in the same Institution in an integrated programme. A relaxation of 5% of marks, from 55% to 50%, or an equivalent relaxation of grade, may be allowed for those belonging to SC/ST/OBC(non-creamy layer)/differently-abled and other categories of candidates as per the decision of the Commission from time to time.
3) A person whose M.Phil. dissertation has been evaluated and the viva voce is pending may be admitted to the Ph.D. programme of the same Institution;
4) Candidates possessing a Degree considered equivalent to M.Phil. Degree of an Indian Institution, from a Foreign Educational Institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation Agency which is approved, recognized or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any other statutory authority in that country for the purpose of assessing, accrediting or assuring quality and standards of educational institute
(As per UGC Norms, June 2009)
1) Fill the application form, affix the Photo wherever asked, attach documents and submit the same duly filled and signed along with registration fee. The fees Should be paid by Online Mode.
2) Appear for Entrance Examination.
3) Appear for interview after submitting interview form (Annexure – A).
4) Research Proposal of approx. 1500-2000 words be prepared detailing about what is the reason for selecting the   topic, what is the benefit of that topic, what are the planning to do the research and also what is discussed during interview.
5) After passing the Interview, pay the term fees of 1st year
6) Collect your Ph.D. Identity Card indicating your Name, Registration number.
7) In normal circumstances, the supervisor will not be changed. However, in exceptional cases with valid reasons, the supervisor can be changed on the written request of Research scholar to the Director (Research).
8) The minimum three years’ period will be counted from the date of Pre- Ph.D. Entrance Test and successful interview.
9) After Completion of Course work and deposition of complete three-year fee, Course work and Evaluation charges, Course work Exam will be conducted and DRC will be done.
10) Engineering, Pharmacy, Technical and Science scholars should manage laboratories related to their research work either at their college or in a private lab at their own cost, if practical work is carried outside university campus. For private labs NABL certification must be provided along with list of lab equipment & consent of working in the Lab.
11) Prior approval of the Laboratory should be taken from University before starting the Research work. The lab should be fully equipped to carry out all experiments to pursue Research programme. The list of equipment & qualified guide for lab should be furnished before DRC.
12) Research Scholar has to do one semester course work that includes Class room learning, Research Methodology, Computer Application, Quantitative technique, Review of Literature and Assignments at University campus. The course work detail is as per annexure – B.  The books for above courses are available in University library on payment.
13) After passing the course work exam, the scholar will be allowed to proceed with 20- 25 pages of Synopsis work and complete the assignment given before submission of synopsis with due presentation during DRC. At the time of DRC or before, the Scholar is expected to submit the Original Migration Certificate after filling the enrollment form and acknowledgement will be issued. This will qualify the Research scholar to pursue further Ph.D. programme.Once the Departmental Research Committee (DRC) approves the Synopsis, a permanent registration letter will be issued to the Scholar. Those who have received the permanent registration letter, they are the confirmed Research Scholar. University will forward the Synopsis to INFLIBNET to be uploaded in Shodhgangothri.
14) Research Scholar has to pay examination and evaluation fee at the time of course work. 
15) Successful completion of DRC, Research Scholar is expected to publish two Articles in an ISSN numbers referred journal on the topic chosen, participate two National and two International conferences held anywhere, and take guidance with Supervisor for a period of 600 hours. Research Scholars to submit a photocopy of the article published with certificate from the publisher that it has been referred, to the University at the time of Thesis submission.
16) Once the Research findings are completed, Research Scholar must submit an acceptable quality of Summary of Thesis containing 20-25 pages as per format, before 30 months from the date of admission. In case the Research Scholar is not able to follow this instruction, then it will be presumed that scholar is not interested in completing his/ her Ph.D. in the minimum three years. In that event, fee for successive years has to be paid. The registration is valid for a maximum period of six years.
17) Six monthly progress reports to be sent to the University duly signed by the Supervisor stating in detail the number of working hours.
18) Research scholar is expected to spend minimum 600 hours with the supervisorfor any of his work and discussions during the tenure of Ph.D. course and a certificate to that effect be obtained from the supervisor and to be submitted to the University before submission of the thesis.
19) The Scholar must attend 2 National Seminars and 2 International Seminars, presenting papers in the seminars, and six monthly program report duly signed by the Supervisor at regular intervals of six months.
20) After submission of the summary of the Thesis, the scholar must prepare the Thesis according to Annexure –C and submit the soft copy, by E mail, for Plagiarism Checking. The University expects the Scholar to do an original research. However, the University will allow a maximum of 10% plagiarized work that includes 1st page of title page to last page, including References and Appendices.
21) Prior to submission of thesis, Research scholar shall make a Pre Ph.D. presentation submission in the department that may be open to all faculty members and Research Scholars for getting feedback and comments which may be suitably incorporated in the draft of Thesis under the advice of Supervisor/Co-supervisor. At the time of Pre-Ph.D. presentation, Research Scholar is expected to submit all pending documents as mentioned in the check list.
22) The Ph.D. supervisor will provide a panel of eight subject Experts selected from not below the rank of Associate Professors working in University/ College level for sending the Thesis for evaluation. University will select two Professors for sending the Thesis.
23) Final thesis should be hard- bounding Blue, Red or Black colour and to be printed as per the format shown in annexure C. Five sets of hard bound copies of Thesis and three soft copies of the thesis are to be submitted to the University. The soft copies should be submitting in Ms-Word and PDF forms (Single file and Chapter wise). Hard copy or soft copy should match page wise
24) On receipt of satisfactory evaluation report, the research scholar will be called to appear for Viva-Voce where he has to make the presentation of Thesis and shall be openly defended by Research scholar in presence of Director (Research), HOD, Faculty of Department, Supervisor/Co-Supervisor and a President’s nominee.
25) The Ph.D. Degree will be awarded as per concerned Department.
26) If the UGC and/ or any other authority do not give any benefit in terms of monitory or otherwise to Research scholar after taking Ph.D. The University shall not be responsible for any reason whatsoever.
27) All research papers published in the referred journal and Thesis approved & Accepted by the University will be the sole property of the University.
28) If at any time during the course, Ph.D. scholar wants to discontinue, then Arunodaya University will not issue any certificate regarding any course done during the tenure from the University and no fee will be refunded or transferred.
29) Scholar is advised to submit Research Proposal, Synopsis, Summary of Thesis and Thesis as per the format given in Ph.D. guidelines. While submitting Synopsis, summary of Thesis and final Thesis in University, a letter should be enclosed signed by the Supervisor that it is in the prescribed format.
30) No complaint will be entertained from the Research Scholar for late submission of synopsis/ summary of the Thesis/Thesis in the University. If the concerned Co-ordinator do not give permission for the submission, then Research Scholar may feel free to contact the higher authorities. Registrar, Director, President, Chairperson.
31) The Pre-Thesis should be submitted in spiral binding and after necessary correction it should be submitted in hard bound.
32) Certificate from the Editor / Publisher should be obtained stating that same article has been published by the scholar as Arunodaya University in our journal (volume/ref).
33) It is mandatory to mention that you are Research Scholar of Arunodaya University in any article / paper presentation / conference certificate.
34) The publication should be done in recognized and refereed journal having ISSN No. The article should be original and scholars should submit a copy of plagiarism check result along with reprint of the journal. The article should not exceed 10% plagiarised matter. In case the scholar did not comply. The University will do it at scholar’s cost.
35) The publication should preferably be in Single Authors or with Guide. Publication having more than two authors will be not considered.
36) It is mandatory to submit hard copy of Journal and souvenir in which paper published /seminar / workshop attended.
37) The scholars are requested to donate the Journals / Books and other useful material to the
University for the reference of scholars   
  1. Please take care that:–
(i) The title has a clear focus
(ii) Problem is clearly stated and suitably delimited
(iii) Population is properly defined and sampling is scientific
(iv) It covers conceptual framework and review of related literature
(v) Facts are critically evaluated and objectivity is strictly followed
(vi) Finishing, Polishing and final touches are given to make the report weighty, authoritative, convincing and attractive.
2. Language should be clear, lucid, concise, precise, correct, complete, readable and effective. Use simple words, familiar words, short sentences (not complicated and long-winding) and less technical jargon.
3. Use proper typography, correct grammar, punctuations and spellings, appropriate headings, sub- headings, foot notes
4. Let the layout be attractive and uncluttered.
5. There should be logical flow and integrated progression of ideas.
6. Avoid irrelevant material, redundant repetition and contradiction.
7. Display good grasp of the subjec
8. Analysis and interpretation of data should be proper and valid and duly supported by charts, tables, figures, diagrams
9. Appropriate statistical tools/measures should be used.
10. Cover all issues/objectives and hypothesis evaluation/testing.
11. Findings should be appropr
12. Conclusions drawn should be sound and balanced.
13. Remedial measures/suggestions should be rational and feasible/prac
14. Recommendations should be valid.
15. Due care should be taken regarding technicalities of thesis writing.
16. Ensure correct proof reading and crisp editing.
17. The thesis is a scholarly documen It should make an original contribution and offer stimulating ideas.

                                 CHECK LIST TO BE EXECUTED AT THE TIME DRC

Name of Scholar
Registration No.
Enrollment Number
Fees paid so far
Whether the Scholar has submitted application along all the documents from 10th  to post graduation  including Mark-sheet are attested or Original certificate seen  and certified by University authorities.
Whether interview letter is signed by the scholar with Research proposal 4 to 5 pages Hand Written
Yes/No, if yes write the date
Whether lab letter is furnished(wherever applicable)
Whether guide Consent letter is submitted
Whether Migration certificate in original is submitted for Enrollment
Whether General Topic PPT 1 soft/hard copy submitted
Whether Review of  Literature completed
Whether topic is searched in Google/ inflibnet to check whether anyone else is doing Research on same topic
Whether Synopsis is submitted 3 hard and 3 soft copies along with one PPT soft/hard copies submitted
Whether course works have been successfully completed (Attached CW marks details)



Verified by Scholar                                         Checked by Co-ordinator                            Verified by Authorities



DRC form with DRC approval Letter is done
Whether six monthly progress report submitted with Guide seal and signature
Whether Scholar has submitted the Yellow book (600 Hours Record) as per the guidelines
Whether Four conference participation certificate (two national and two international) are submitted either with presentation or without presentation
Whether reprint for Two Articles published in refereed journal is submitted with editor’s confirmation that it is a refereed articles
Thesis Summary 3 hard and 2 soft copies with panel of referees
Whether the Thesis has been checked with plagiarism software and what is the percentage of plagiarized contain detect. Please attach the result sheet
Whether Scholar has submitted the Affidavit as per Ph.D. guidelines
Whether Guide has submitted the undertaking as per Ph.D. Guidelines
Whether the scholar has made pre-presentation of Thesis
Whether No dues letter has been circulated, signed by all concerned and returned to Ph.D. section. No due certificate should not be issued to Scholar
Whether 5 hard bound Thesis is submitted as per Ph.D. guidelines with 2 soft copies
Whether Thesis contains 250 pages of Text with graph/images relevant to the context and proper illustration



Verified by Scholar                                         Checked by Co-ordinator                            Verified by Authorities


(At the time of interview, Research Scholar is expected to submit a Research Proposal covering all the points mentioned below)

    1. Name:                                                                                                                            

    2. Address:                                                                                                                       

    3. Contact No:                                                                                                                 

    4. E-mail Id:                                                                                                                     

    5. Topic of Research:                                                                                                      

    6. In case of faculty of science/ engineering/ pharmacy, name the institution where research experiments/ practicals will be carried ou

    7. Is your research project sponsored by the organization you work with? Yes/ No. If Yes, Please state the nature of sponsorship.

    8. Are you a fellow member of ICA (Institute of Chartered Accountants) or an engineering graduate    seeking admission on the basic of bachelor’s degree? If yes give details.

    9. Experience in years of relevant area?

   10. Number of publications in referred journals, if any?

   11. What are the objectives of your doing Ph.D.?

   12. What methodology will you follow for doing your Ph.D.?

   13. How is your research going to benefit society at large?

   14. Have you done preparatory work for your proposed research? Yes/ No. If yes, give details:

   15. How will you review the earlier research carried out in your subjec Please Specify.


I confirm that I shall abide by all terms and conditions laid down by the University presently and amended from time to time.


 (Ph.D. Scholar Signature)