The University has started Online Class for benefits of students in order to bridge the academic gap in view of (Covid-19) pandemic situation.

Education Methodology

The Pedagogy adopted by the Arunodaya University, encourages independent thinking and helps the students develop holistic perspectives, strong domain knowledge, contemporary skills-sets and a positive attitude. The University has evolved a comprehensive student centric learning approach consisting of several stages, designed to add significant value to the learners understanding in an integrated manner.

Classroom Instruction

Students receive full-time classroom instruction, which will help them learn and consolidate their understanding of the subjects.


The University ensures quality courseware comprising of textbooks, workbooks, etc., designed for independent study.


Self evaluator assignments are given to students that help them to evaluate their own academic progress.

Computer and Language Labs

Assignments related to computers require the students to spend significant time in the lab. All students will have access to a well-equipped computer lab for their practical work in IT courses.


Student performance is assessed by continuous evaluation in each course. Students are evaluated on the basis of assignments, seminars, projects and tests.

Summer Internship

The summer internship enables the students to experience the rigor of business environment and apply the concepts learnt in classroom in real-life situations at work place. For proper coordination and ensuring organized and smooth conduct, each student would be under the guidance of a faculty. A representative of the industry/organization also guides the student and assists the faculty in monitoring the student’s progress.