Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

  1. All the students enrolled with the university are compulsorily required to abide the code of conduct Prescribed by the University Management from time to time.

  3. The Students are always required to maintain decency & discipline and obey the prescribed directions inside the University Premises.

  5. The Students are required to follow the prescribed dress code all the time in campus.

  7. It is mandatory for regular students to maintain minimum 75% attendance in the aggregate in a semester/ year. The Student failing to maintain minimum attendance shall not be eligible for getting promoted to the next year and may be required to take re-admission and repeat all course modules with the next batch of students.

  9. All the Students inside or outside university premises are covered under the zero tolerance policy for indiscipline. The activities like consumption of banned substances, indulging in anti-social activities, damaging the national/ state/ university property, indulging in any kind of violence, misbehaving with fellow students/ teachers, participation in ragging, moral turpitude etc. will lead to strict action like rustication from the university including initiating appropriate legal action as deemed suitable by the university management against the defaulting student.

  11. In all the matters of Subject dispute, the decision of Vice-Chancellor shall be final in all respect.