Inspiration From Our Guruji !!!

About AU

Late Shri R. Bhavani Shankar, was often referred as a “Father Figure” by the students. Shri R. Bhavani Shankar being a visionary could have preferred to be a role model and the mentor to the student rather than a fatherly figure for the simple reason, a “Father” is usually a strict disciplinarian towards their wards.
Shri R. Bhavani Shankar was always happy and content to play the role of a friend, guide and philosopher to his students.
In his life time, had always wished and dreamt of establishing a worthy University to uplift, the ever growing aspiration of the students and student excel in all fields of education. Indeed Shri R. Bhavani Shankar’s, cherished dream has been fulfilled in the nurturing and growing of our University known as Arunodaya University in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Late Shri R. Bhavani Shankar

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