International Students

International Students

The Division of International Programs (IP) furthers AU’s commitment to internationalization by providing leadership and support across several critical areas, including development and implementation of strategic directions in internationalization, campus-wide coordination of international efforts, facilitating successful integration of international students and scholars, and supporting and expanding education abroad programs for students and faculty.
International Degree & Education Abroad of AU administers, promotes, and advises students, faculty, and staff on opportunities related to the International Degree program, study abroad, international internships and service learning, and education abroad scholarships and fellowships. This prepares students to graduate with enhanced global awareness and intercultural skills, which are necessary to excel in a globally competitive job

The objectives of the International Office at AU are to:
Encourage and welcome international students to study at AU,
• Initiate and maintain cooperation with international institutions,
• Invite eminent faculty from abroad,
• Promote faculty and student exchange,
• Initiate joint academic and research program
• Provide support to international students in all matters including immigration formalities


Foreign Students: Students holding the passport issued by foreign countries including people of Indian origin who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries are classified as foreign students
Non Resident Indians (NRI): An NRI student is one who has an NRI status. Students who are Indian citizens but have studied their qualifying examination (equivalent to the 10+2 of India) from schools or colleges abroad (outside India) will be considered as NRI/ International students.
NRI Sponsored Students: An NRI sponsored student is an Indian citizen whose direct blood relative (Parents, Parents’ direct Brother/Sister or Candidates’ direct Brother/Sister) is an NRI.
Admission of all the international students will be done through the International Student’s Cell of AU. Students will be admitted in the beginning of the course.
A student wishing to join the University should submit application form to the International Student’s Cell along with the prescribed fees. The Cell will then check the eligibility and issue the provisional admission letter. This is required to get the visa and to complete other formalities.
• Students should purchase the International Student’s Bulletin (including the eligibility form) and the prospectus of the University.
• Fill up the eligibility form for international students and submit it, along with the copies of certificates listed in the eligibility form and the required fees. This should be done well in time so that the student is able to obtain the visa and NOC before the due date for admission.
• Get the provisional admission letter from the International Student’s Cell, in order to obtain the visa.
• Produce the document of provisional admission to the Indian Embassy in the respective country and get a student visa endorsed to institution. NRI students do not require a visa.
• Report to the institution for admission. Fill the permanent admission form and submit it along with the following documents (in original along with a Photocopy):
1. Mark / Grade Statement of the qualifying examination.
2. Transfer / School leaving Certificate from the Institute last attended.
3. Nationality / Certificate copy of Candidate in case of N. R. I / F. N. & Nationality Certificate of Guardian in case of P. I. O
4. A Photocopy copy of their passport – duly attested by a notary.
5. Physical fitness certificate from a registered Physician.
6. Certificate from the owner/ Head of the Institute starting the length of service & Total emoluments if guardian is in service in foreign country,
7. Income certificate from competent authority, in case the guardian is self employed.
8. School Accreditation certificate
9. AIU Equivalence certificate.

Note: The original certificates will be returned to the students immediately after making necessary endorsements.
• Undergo medical examination and occur medical fitness certificate. As per government rules all international students entering India on student visa have to be tested for HIV and will not be given admission if found to be positive. All international students will be required to pay medical fees of Rs. 3500/-, which includes the medical insurance cover for the first year. For subsequent years the medical insurance fees will be same as for other Indian students and is included in yearly fees.

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