B.Tech. Electronics and Telecommunication

That is good that you realized earlier that diploma alone is not sufficient to jump on big opportunities in ever spending world of electronics technologies but you are little bit depressed with your shortcomings to keep continuing with existing job or career, can’t mind we are here to assist you by offering our B. Tech. courses in electronics and telecommunication so would have door opens for further journey in your career even with minimum requirements of time and money.

Modern technologies have a nerve system called electronics which keep them alive and evaluating and shaping modern societies in present and in future. Therefore, naturally any tech-savvy person who has a diploma certificate would like to jump on the bandwagon of the march of this technology. Getting a bachelor degree in electronics is not the easiest path at all especially if you inclined to have education because of your shortcoming of keeping your job or career continues. Dive into the world of innumerable diagrams of various circuits and electronic components are thrilling but strenuous experience. We assure smooth sailing with our out of box facilities and extraordinary faculties and fascinating online administration of the curriculum.

Our B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunication courses in India enable our students to meet the modern requirements of the field and let them to sustain in this fiercely competitive environment. Skills which are needed to be an engineer with enough creativity and innovative abilities is our positive side of learning that puts our graduates stand out among the crowd of the students from other institutes which are not only handicap in resources but also in policies. We enable our students to design and develop systems for signal and image processing, microwave systems, antenna design, devices, analog and digital electronic design with various applications in the fields of electronics & telecommunication. Our training is harmonized by offering advanced knowledge on the different topics characterizing the fields of Telecommunications and Electronics.


Education in technologies is somewhat mythical for many as there are many things that involve direct interactions of students with faculties therefore, in order to overcome this shortfall we have taken help of the latest technologies like online communications and live messenger systems as well as modern teaching methods with animated and video displaying methods of teachings. We take help of all modes including texts, images, audios and videos to convey educational materials, messages and concepts to the students of other ends. Our modular approach enables our faculties and students to get very things step-by-step with clear and comprehensive manners. Practical needs would be fulfilled by our nearby labs at the various centers throughout the India.


We have a good team of electronics faculties which is scrappy to deliver the best of the best they can through our modern facilities. They don’t believe to keep any reservation in the knowledge they have but would like to distribute among the as many as students possible with infusing correct concepts and skills so their students can withstand in the competitive world. We have talented faculties that you may never find elsewhere on such competitive rates. The sober nature of our faculties and firm approaches to enhance the abilities of the students give us a proven track record of a definitive success.

Courses for B. Tech. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 

Course Title: Bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (B.Tech) (General)
Course Duration: 4 Years (8 Semester)
Course Fee: 
Note: Course Fee For Per Semester

Eligibility Criteria:  10+2 passed with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics