Bachelor of Arts

Statistics of the most employable people indicate that arts students are in the highest demand and this alone is sufficient to attract you to pursue an art career along with your ongoing job as that may give you an edge over others in the long run and out program is sufficient to fulfill your this desire without much lost from your pocket.

In coming years our employment market would demand some particular skill sets from the new generation and those skills would be highly developed research, creative problem-solving, communication and critical thinking like to think abstractly, have conceptual abilities, etc. and fortunate students with Bachelor of Arts degrees have shown that they know how to think critically, think abstractly, and communicate effectively. Therefore, our students have the sky open with many career possibilities.

Thus, our bachelor of arts in Mumbai or bachelor of arts in Pune or bachelor of arts in India courses creates students with well-rounded specific skills that give them abilities to mold and shift according to changing situations. There is no standard for the myth that Art students have no job in the market and we also enable our students to go further in their career with a master or doctor degrees by getting our those courses. Our graduate program generally takes three to four years depending on the specific majors or minors our students.

Objectives of the Course

  • Argument skills to use logic and facts to persuade others
  • Critical thinking skills to solve problems using information in-hand and to generalize information
  • Information Management to sort and interpret data
  • Communication skills to clearly express one’s views in oral and written presentations as well
  • Research and investigative skills to find and formulate information
  • Design and Planning Skills to critically look at a problem from different perspectives and identify the possibilities for alternative solutions
  • Management and Administration Skills to analyze tasks, set priorities, and communicate goals to others


General conception is that pursuing graduation in arts is easy and this is true if you have good faculties and liking subject and we try to give most talented faculties who are able to give you good lessons through our latest online learning system where we have designed software modules to facilitate our education methods to make highly communicative at both ends and give comfortable experiences to take lessons at your leisure and from anywhere you can access internet whether it may be desktop or laptop or tablet. Since this subject are demanding lots of active and passive communication between students and faculties we have devised all respective facilities in public as well as private mode.


Good teacher only creates good student-Therefore, we have collected a talented team of faculties who are academically proficient as well as practically experienced in your major subjects so you can get their maximum benefits to learn quality albeit with speedy learning methods developed by our faculties. Moreover, we trained our faculties to manage the awkward situations arise in education successfully and prepare students highly employable in the ever changing and fiercely competitive market.

Scopes for Bachelor

Higher Study Options

Our degree graduates can go further to do a master’s or doctorate degree in the major subject in which they have chosen and this advanced degree lead to careers as professors or researchers.

Various Job Titles

With various majors our students can get following career options:

  • An English major: technical writer, journalist, editor, communications manager, public relations specialist, bookseller, advertising specialist, web page writer/designer, newsletter editor, grant writer, publications researcher, freelance writer, author, reporter, etc.
  • Psychology major: market researcher, human resources assistant, community and social service worker, peer support facilitator, life skills program facilitator, outreach worker, victims services worker, advisor, consumer trends researcher, volunteer service coordinator, rehabilitation services assistant, marketing analyst, customer service representative, international student advisor, hospice coordinator, advertising assistant, public relations assistant, public opinion surveyor, statistician assistant, etc.
  • History major: archivist, historical project coordinator, museum worker, historic site information officer, historical research assistant, antique dealer, educational program director (museum, historic site), genealogical assistant, history writer (books, newsletters, Internet sites), historical society worker, biographer, information manager, researcher, non-profit society or advocacy worker, curator, political aide, heritage interpreter, journalist, etc.
  • Geography Major: researcher, environmental auditors, planning assistant, public policy analyst, GIS specialist, economic development assistant, conservation or parks worker, remote sensing analyst, map curator, tour guide, alternative energy researcher, community development worker, coordinator, conservation education hydrologist, etc.
  • Mathematics major (BA): actuary, economic development assistant, management trainee, bank account officer, statistical assistant or researcher, financial investment assistant, economist, insurance industry analyst, operations research analyst, researcher, cost estimator, etc.
  • Sociology/Anthropology major: aging specialist, compensation/benefits worker, community service agency worker, consumer advocate, political aide, convention organizer, consumer survey advisor, family guidance clinic worker, data analyst, foster care worker, field archaeologist, human resources assistant, fund-raiser/development officer, labor relations representative, job analyst, marketing researcher, volunteer coordinator, park interpreter, museum technician, multicultural worker, adventure programs coordinator, historic site or parks interpreter, museum or gallery assistant, etc.
  • Foreign Language: CIA, FBI, film industry, publishing, international business commerce, etc.
  • Political Science: journalism, business, broadcasting, non-profit work, etc.

Courses for Bachelor of Arts.

Course Title: Bachelor of Arts (D.B.A.) (General)

Course Duration: 3 Years

Course Fee:

Note: Course Fee For Per Year

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 Passed