Bachelor of Marketing Management

Do you have a personal impact to work as marketing assistant, export assistant, purchasing manager, logistics assistant or dreaming to start your own advertising agency? But don’t want to leave an ongoing career for a while? No problem in our program is your most accepted answer with the economy.

Through our Bachelor of Marketing Management in Mumbai or the Bachelor of Marketing Management in Pune or Bachelor of Marketing Management in India course our students can identify, anticipate and satisfy the customer needs in a profitable manner. In due course they are focused on analyzing current business performances, climates, making projections, speculations based on their work and they are strategists at first hand. In order to achieve their targets they will focus on past performance patterns, greater market considerations, and keep an eye on the competitions.
Thus we can say that a marketing manager, on the other hand, is to drive the strategy for first identifying what people need, working with the product development team to develop the product with desired features, pricing it correctly, and then promoting the product (or service) amongst its target audience.

Objectives of the Course

  • To open the ways of higher studies
  • To widen the scope for career in the different sectors related to Marketing Management
  • To equip students with an integrated set of skills that enables them to develop their professional careers in Marketing Management
  • We train our students to get confidence and capabilities to accept any challenge in the field of business administration in computer application
  • To develop the managerial capabilities related to marketing and the operative and strategy areas that all companies face both around the globe.
  • To gain multidisciplinary theoretic knowledge
  • To obtain competences and operative skills in marketing
  • To acquire soft skills


To teach marketing we need not to go on the market but we have to take the help of the latest learning technologies so we have created all facilities to deliver our well prepared multimedia lessons through software interface modules to the students so they can access them as per their time and wherever they want. We establish a solid communication channel with synchronous and asynchronous modes between faculty and students so students can get dual benefits to get live connections with faculty as well as other students.


Naturally marketing management is a practical job with plenty of theories of the mind and with perfect decisions to implement them at the appropriate time and place so we have selected faculty with real world experiences as well as teaching abilities. We trained them to face the problems of teaching through use of the latest technologies available. They would be always ready to attend students through various modes of communication.

Scopes for Bachelor of Marketing Management

Some Job Profiles

  • Managerial roles in all Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to customer (B2C) industries
  • Opportunities in the international arena, with multinational companies, public sector institutions and non-profit organizations
  • Openings in manufacturing, retailing, service, consultancy companies as well as in the market-research and communication agencies
  • A wide variety of starting positions and roles like product and brand manager, market analyst, advertising strategist, key-account media planner, customer relationship manager, sales manager, trade and retail manager, PR and event manager, category manager, etc.

Courses for Bachelor of Marketing Management

Course Title: Bachelor of Marketing Management (D.B.M.M.) (General)

Course Duration: 3 Years

Course Fee:

Note: Course Fee For Per Year

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 Passed