M.Tech. in Electronics and Telecommunication

Getting a master degree in electronics means you are with almost no competition as masters are rare to find and have ability to deal with any scale of the challenges in your domain but most of the master degree aspirants are in the field and working professionals therefore time and convenience are big issues where we are with education opportunities that your bank balance can afford and big rewards in bonus!

Basically, telecommunications connects people together with the purpose of communicating and professionals work to establish open channels for communication. Electronics can deal with circuits, satellite systems, digital systems, electronic applications as well as everything that all relate to communication technology.
Many smart and talented professional in electronics and telecommunication fields are always aspirants of master degrees and that is a natural thing. The biggest constraint for them is time and convenience to pursue that so our M.Tech electronics and telecommunication in Mumbai or M.Tech electronics and telecommunication in Pune or M.Tech electronics and telecommunication in India courses offer them an unprecedented opportunity to get what they want with affordable and convenient ways. It is again common thing that they are always smart in the selection of the institutes which provide such master degree and their concerns are like the validity of the institutes and degrees they offer, availability of really talented faculties, learning facilities, policies of the institutions and availability of support system. If this the case we are the most advisable institute that can see all these matters at first hand before telling any other things about us.

Our renowned postgraduate program in Electronics and Communication Engineering converts graduate engineers to highly efficient technical professionals and esteemed research scholars who can meet the present challenges of educational institutes, R & D organizations, and electronics industry. Our talented faculties provide the required skills and methodological tools useful to design and develop systems for signal and image processing, microwave systems and devices, antenna design, analog and digital electronic design with applications in the fields of electronics and telecommunications.


We have excellent faculties with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of the education system. Though it is challenging to keep convenience of the students we use the latest techniques available on the education horizon. Our modular online teaching system allows you to get every needed thing like assignments, research topics, practical hint and proper guidance from the faculties at anytime and from anywhere. Our  24 available support is a different saga of the success for hardworking students for master degrees.


Master degree means command over the chosen field such a way that the professional can invent new methods and techniques to contribute in the field with short term as well as long term impacts on the world as a whole, therefore when you are going to get mastery you need more capable and experienced faculties to teach you and we have that all due to our constant efforts to get the best and deliver the best. We again train them to deliver their best through education using our out of box facilities. Getting practical knowledge is equally important so you have nearby centers to get practical knowledge throughout India, Mumbai and Pune.

Courses for M. Tech. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Course Title: M.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (M.E.T.E.) (General)

Course Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)

Course Fee:

Note: Course Fee For Per Semester

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: B.E. / B.Tech.