MA in English

Do you make your bachelor in english (MA) and now want to go ahead in this fiercely competitive world but without leaving an existing job or profession? Don’t worry we are the savior and offering intensive courses of english in master degree so you can learn and get a valid degree to go ahead with a confidence and all with the least investment of time and money.

The professionals with skills that would best serve businesses and organizations in the 21st century employment arena would be the people who think abstractly, can think critically, have conceptual abilities, have general research skills, can analyze problems with their solutions, and can communicate effectively. Therefore, with our Master of Arts in English (MA) in Mumbai or Master of Arts English (MA) in Pune or Master of Arts English (MA) in India course we create such skills in our students with lots of efforts and employing the right strategies for learning.

Objectives of the Course

  • To open the ways of higher studies
  • To widen the scope for career in the different sectors related to Master of Arts English (MA)
  • We train our students to get confidence and capabilities to accept any challenge in the field of Master of Arts English (MA)
  • To equip students with an integrated set of skills that enables them to develop their professional careers in Master of Arts English (MA)
  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To develop communication skills
  • To develop argument skills
  • To develop the design and Planning Skills
  • To develop information Management
  • To develop management and Administration Skills
  • To develop research and investigation skills


To learn foreign language like English is a little bit challenging because only textual reading is not sufficient to get mastery over but you need to listen its native like pronunciations and should speak in front of the people who know thoroughly and correct English, therefore we have devised our program in such a way that students can get lessons in multimedia formats prepared well to deliver every sort of stuff describe above. Our latest education software modules can deliver texts, images and sound as well as video so students can listen to true pronunciations and can record their speech to give correct language. Interactive animations and videos can help them see and learn a language in comprehensive and funny manners. Of course we allow students to communicate their faculties in real-time as well as in delayed-time modes.


As stated in facilities section we provide ample opportunities to the students to read, write, listen and speak correct English with our super multimedia supporting software modules but learned faculties is our first priority because without them we can’t deliver correct language so we have selected talented and true academic faculties for our team. We also trained them to cope with the problems arise in mode so they can give maximum to the students. Our scrappy faculties are always ready to solve the problems of our students promptly and in right manners.

Scopes for MA in English

Some Job Profiles

In field of:

  • Educationist/public relations/technical writing
  • Publishing/journalist /editor
  • Communications manager
  • Bookseller/web page writer/designer
  • Advertising specialist/grant writer/newsletter editor
  • Publication researcher/author/freelance writer/reporter

Courses for MA in English

Course Title: Master of Arts English (MA) (D.M.A.E.) (General)

Course Duration: 2 Years

Course Fee:

Note: Course Fee For Per Year

Medium: English

Eligibility Criteria: Graduation